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USA Travel SIM Card – Super Size


  • Unlimited High-Speed LTE Data (4G). After 50GB, speeds may drop during peak times only there is high network congestion.
  • Unlimited Domestic Calls | Unlimited Domestic Text Message | Bundle Valid for 28 days from Activation
  • Supports hotspot data sharing | T-Mobile widest network coverage in America | Trio SIM card fits in all unlocked mobile phones | Fully Rechargeable SIM
  • Free-Roaming in Canada and Mexico. Includes Unlimited Domestic calls, Unlimited Domestic Texts, 5GB High-Speed LTE Data followed by Unlimited 2G Data with max speeds of 128kbps
  • Must be activated within 60 days of purchase. The activation could take up to 24 hours. Please register the online form as soon as possible but at least 2 days prior to your arrival date – registration takes seconds. Activation website: http://bit.ly/2qDE5Gs


USA Travel SIM Card – Super Size

Unlimited High-Speed Data | Unlimited Voice | Unlimited Text | North American Roaming

  • Unlimited High-Speed Data*
  • Unlimited minutes for local calls.
  • Unlimited local text.
  • Active for 28 days from arrival.
  • Roaming in Canada + Mexico

b4i.travel packages are customised exclusively for tourists and travellers. The USA Travel SIM Card – Super Size package is designed for the heavy user to last through their stay in America. It can also be used in Canada and Mexico roam-free

We have negotiated directly with T-Mobile USA’s best network to offer you these exclusive travel bundles. Because we do not operate as a VMNO (Virtual Mobile Network Operator), you can always be assured you will get the very best quality network service available.

* Bundle is only valid for 28 days from the date of arrival.
* Credit must be purchased for cross-border or international calls (excludes Canada and Mexico)
* Make sure that your mobile phone is unlocked.
* Due to the size of the USA, coverage cannot be guaranteed. Please confirm your coverage here
* High-Speed Data Roaming in Canada and Mexico limited to 5GB, thereafter up to 128kbps
* Data FUP of 50GB thereafter speeds may be throttled if there is network congestion
* SIM card remains active indefinitely as long as there is activity every 90 days.


b4i.travel simplifies your communication needs when travelling. We take the risk out of high international roaming costs. With our pre-loaded, pre-activated and pre-registered travel SIM cards, you’ll be connected as soon as you land in your destination country. Tourists, students and businessmen have been “talking like a local” in South AfricaAmerica and Europe with b4i.travel since 2010. We have also partnered with some of the worlds most reliable; car rental, flight booking, hotel booking, travel experience and travel insurance companies. So, get set up and ready to go with b4i.travel – before you travel. It’s time to ‘explore your world with us’.

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