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Cubroid – STEAM Educational Coding Blocks

cubroid coding blocks

Cubroid Coding Blocks

Introducing Cubroid, the world’s easiest coding block set that allows children to explore the world of technology and gain exposure to coding! Through dynamic connective blocks and simple coding, Cubroid offers a fun and educational experience for children to express their creativity.

Cubroid Coding blocks, teaching children from as young as 4 years old, how to Code in a Fun, & Easy way.

• Cubroid is wireless coding blocks that teach children how to program between the ages of 4 and 18. Children can build and code just about anything from connective single blocks to building their own robot.

• Cubroid is compatible with Lego and includes blocks with motors, LED lights, touch and light sensors.

• As children advance their coding skills so to do their creations and functionality. Problem-solving skills are developed and creativity is encouraged. This educations system has become internationally known as STEAM. Science Technology Engineering Art and Maths.

There are three levels of coding available with the Cubroid Educational Full Pack:
Smartphone Coding Mode: Easy Coding through the Cubroid 2 App. Coding is done by aligning images in a drag and drop way.
Tablet Coding Mode: You can code as many various motions and sensors as you want according to the function of each coding block. There are no limitations to controlling the time value and other functions.
Scratch Coding Mode: Recommended for more advanced users. Take your coding to the next level.

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